modern bedroom trends 2014

There are many styles that can be used to design a bedroom. Many people prefer traditional or romantic bedroom options, which can be decorated with a rich variety of beautiful furniture and accessories. But does modern bedroom should be exactly this? Exhaustive answer to this question you can get if you look at the options kitchens, which are located below. 

modern bedroom trends 2014

modern bedroom trends 2014

In that case, if you want to make your bedroom design as simple as possible and at the same time add a warm and relaxing atmosphere, you should pay your attention to the wood materials.

Via N-Studio. This space is filled with modern special atmosphere and character. Designers choice fell on a mixed finish furniture and graphic bedspread. Despite the fact that the design is conceived as a minimalist, yet here there are things that bring life to the bedroom is a variety of gadgets and books.

Via ArchCG. This spacious open floor plan allows you to avoid the feeling that in the bedroom too cold and uncomfortable. This happens primarily due to the presence creatively treated walls that perfectly diluted space.

Interior Bedrooms: niche construction and ceilings, designs, Issue 36

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Today i provide 


green bedroom interior
There are many ways to decorate the bedroom, having spent a minimum of time and money. But the most spectacular and beautiful result is obtained if one thinks decor even during repairs.

Construction of plasterboard: niches and shelves, decorative ceilings and partitions - create a special mood and give individuality to the interior. And if this game to add color and light, a little painting, paintings or mirrors - that interior bedrooms becomes a work of art.

In this issue "design project" we are pleased to present you with 22 interior bedrooms in a modern style with original designs . Among them are romantic and minimalistic, in the spirit of the city and inspired by Japanese style. And they are created by a single author - by "Search Interior Solutions" , whose work you've seen in this category.

Purple curtain for living room, modern style

Purple curtain for living room, modern purple curtain style
New design of curtain for living room in purple color and modern style with white background, this curtain style is one of romantic curtain designs and top purple color degrees in 2013.

The curtains is one of the important parts in home decorations and we should choose suitable design and color for our home decor so we offered this curtain in purple color just for purple lovers and you can use purple curtain style in other color for your home if purple don't suitable with your home colors.

Purple bedding and curtain style for girls room

New design of purple bedding and purple curtain for girls room decoration 2013, purple fashion of bedspreads for girls room bedding 2013

This is a new method to using purple color in girls room decoration, we used purple color in many things in this room, we used it in curtain and bedspreads in this room and we can use the purple in many uses in girls room and we will offer a lot of ideas for use purple color in home rooms and girls room and we will use other colors with purple in decorations and purple mattresses.

Purple wallpaper style for bedroom 2013

Purple wallpaper style for bedroom 2013
Purple color in bedroom wall's decorations, purple wallpaper style for bedroom 2013, beauty of purple wallpaper color style in bedroom decor.

We offered previous post about purple wallpaper for living room if you want visit it you can press at Classic design of dark purple wallpaper , but our style today for bed room decorations its a new wallpaper design in anew purple degrees . we hope wins your admiration.

Classic design of dark purple wallpaper and purple frames

Classic design of dark purple wallpaper and wall frames
New classic design of wallpaper in dark purple color with purple frames for wall decorating, purple color in wall decorations, purple wallpaper and purple frames

Purple is one of the best colors in wall decorations, Its romantic color we can use it in different ideas to decorating the wall , we offer two ways to use purple in living room wall decorations as purple wallpaper and purple frames for wall.

Purple dress in amazing design fashion 2013

Purple dress in amazing design fashion 2013
we offer pretty and amazing design of purple dress, purple short dress for girls and woman purple fashion 2013

Purple butterfly Carpet for kids, girls room

Purple butterfly Carpet for kids, girls room
New purple carpet, purple rug design in butterfly design for kids room and girls room, heart, star and butterfly purple carpet